Nice Sunday walk along Central Avenue in Yonkers, NY

This past sunday I picked up my friend John to hang out. We both take photos so we had resolved to take some photos on this day. But since we were hungry we needed to eat. And what is better to eat on Sunday morning than the diner?

One of the only trees on central avenue.

After a meal of delectability at the diner we proceeded to the main event. The photos. We ate at a diner called the Grassy Sprain Diner if you're curious. Anyways, the diner is close to Central Avenue so we drove about a mile and parked in a pharmacy parking lot. What follows are the photos we took on this day:

Ramshackle but nice enough tennis court. Towards the beginning of our walk.

An interesting looking diner. Just a coincidence that we saw this other diner.

My girlfriend want me to buy a car BUT I don't think I'd go here no offense to them.

A guy was smoking behind the jeep. I tried to photograph him but I also didn't want to disrupt him. He was being peaceful.

A nice arrangement of dumpsters don't you think? Easy on the eyes so-to-speak.

The cars are aligned in a way that suggests that they too are marveling at the majesty of the office with us. Some critique for ya.

Central avenue is not thought of as a nice and inspiring place but I thought this was inspiring in some way.

Birds and powerlines. A rivalry as old as time.

An old Mexican restaurant. Architecturally striking but not in a good way. Harsh angles with an alien flowiness.

A close-up of a window on the back of the aforementioned restaurant. There is something aesthetically addicting about the restaurant.

This photo captures the cold nicely without overdoing the snow. Reminds me of 8 mile the movie.

I regret taking this one. I would say that I'm patriotic in some ways but this photo doesn't communicate that.


This is John C. One of my best friends.

I'm really happy with this one. Nice composition. Colors are pleasing. Moon in background levies some perspective. Rav4 one of the best cars

I've taken a lot of these kinds of photos. This one is a bit haunting.

John being funny.

Ice patch of death. I almost died.

Back where we started. Intersections like this can be intimidating. While crossing you feel really vulnerable. Like being really cold or hungry or sick.

This is a famous-ish skate spot. That's not why I took the photo though.

At the end of the walk while we were crossing the right-left intersection of the second-to-last photo some lady was turning right at the same time (she had a green) and started honking at us and screaming like a crazy person. I yelled back because we had right-of-way. We both had mini meltdowns (her more than me). I was mildly disturbed after. It wasn't really worth it to get that worked up. Shortly after that we got back to the car. John walks over to the passenger-side of my car (volvo) and notices that the lady parked right beside us is the same lady that I had the screaming match with. Go figure.

While on the walk I had the idea to walk from where we started on Tuckahoe Rd and Central Avenue to White Plains with john. It's probably 8-10 miles. John seemed excited about the idea. We would take off from work and John would drop his car off at the other end of the walk and I would drive us to the beginning. Then we would always have a car at either end of the walk. I think this is a good use of a sick day.