AKC Meet the Breeds 2024 at Javits Center

It all started with a croissant. Or so they say. Serena (my lovely girlfriend) and I woke up at 9am on saturday January 27 and Serena insisted that I get croissants and coffee. So I did. And I did not regret it. I got myself a drip coffee with whole milk and I got her a Cappucino (to drink). I went to this place to get the stuff and Serena and I were pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the both the covfee and the croissants. At appx. 10:40 am we set out to head to the flagship even of our weekend: AKC Meet the Breeds 2024.

Serena in front of the magnificent Javits Center

Serena made plans earlier in the week to meet with her coworker Micaela at 11am at the Javits Center. We e-biked from my apartment on the Upper West Side mostly without incident along the West Side Highway. The single in question was with a man driving a Maybach at one of the cruise ship terminals. I biked across the street in front of him and then waited for Serena to cross (as a gentleman does). This, for some reason, seemed to enrage him. I was tempted to flip him off but the wiser side of my brain told me it was not worth it. Common knowledge suggests it does not generally help to get angry in these situations. I'm embarassed writing this because my last blog post had a similar incident. Perhaps it is a larger societal problem that these types of situations appear so frequently. I can't be the only one. Anyways, we arrived a bit late to Javits Center but Micaela was running late so it was no sweat at all. Thank God.

What follows are photos of both the people and the dogs that I saw at the dog show. I will reflect a bit after the photos for those of you who are enjoying the writing. Just bear with me. Anyways, I will probably add a paragraph about the Cocker Spaniels because they hold a special place in my heart

Gives you a sense of the scale. Guy on the right eyeing me. Good vibes though.

Guy and baby. Guy and phone.

Welp the guy blocked the dog. His outfit is classic of a certain type of guy. I guess I'm just talking about guys so far.

While I think that overall it was an awesome event the dogs a lot of times felt claustrophobic. Cute ass dog. I forget what the breed is. Email me if you know

Maybe its a terrier of some sort. Beautiful dog though. The hair color of the dog looks like that of a middle-aged person who gets their hair dyed but is in the process of going back au naturale.

Serena (left) and Micaela (right) marveling at the naturale middle aged hair dog (Yorkshire Terrier).

I don't know this breed of dog either unfortunately. Trim and elegant. Like a whippet. Maybe its a whippet.

Friggin classic-style poodle. So awesome. Stunna for sure.

I don't really give a crap about this type of dog. But I liked how tender everyone looks.

I don't think anyone was unhappy. Really was surprised at the good vibes at the event.

Anotha motha fucka.

A third motha fucka. This time murdered out.

Is this even a damn dog?? Crazy asss.... Serena says that it's a Pekingese

One of the food options at the Javits Center. I did not eat from there though.

Pharoah Hound for those that are wondering. Great dog breed, great website.

Anotha one! Or so they say... of the Pharoah Hound guy

These guys look apocalypic. Long-limbed guys. Irish wolfhounds if ya don'e already know.

Pugs are fucked!!!!

Depressed as all hell. I'd be depressed too iff I looked like that haha.

In the middle of the event room (it was a big room but I guess it was a single room??) there was a fenced off space for the various municipal entities (police, firemen, ambulancemen, etc) to show off their dog training prowess. To me it looked like they were just running around with a dog. To others, however, (including my girlfriend) it was an impressive display of animal husbandry on the part of the police/fire/EMS-man. I respect it. I don't want my take here to be "Go Sports" or anything like that. Dogs are unwieldy as all hell.

Pretty big stage/fenced off space.

That's a Dutchie, my girlfriend Serena's favorite dog. Why would you pity the devil?

Awesome outfit by the guy on the left. It's no wonder that he has a gf (pictured on the right).

Serena petting a German Shepherd

Great Dane I think....

English Setter which I think is a quickly disappearing breed. They look like Spaniels so I like em. Another cute moment.

I think it's another English Setter. Snoozing. I don't blame him.

Now we are getting into the Cocker Spaniel section. First we start with the English Cockers, then the Americans. My mom has a Cocker Spaniel named Roger.

The family cocker!! Roger!

Cockers are awesome, plain and simple. When he's excited instead of just wagging his tail he wags his whole body. I think if he could explode as an expression of excitement he would. When I put him in the car to drive hime places he sits backwards like a psycho. He's the most zestful being I've ever encountered ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Okay, onto the cocker section of the dog show.

A playpen filled with English Cockers and middle-aged women. They stole the damn show!!!! Everyone's so damn blissed

More of the english cocker enclosure. Haha the lady is showing an iphone pic of another English Cocker amid the sea of Cockers!

"Energetic, Merry, Responsive" So true. The mothafricka army!!! Serena is at cocker level petting one of em (can't see her face). Micaela on the right.

A nice cocka-style moment.

This picture makes me wanna detonate. IN a good way.

Serena in the background in the Sex Emo hoodie. Enjoying the cockas!

I believe this is the beginning of the American Cockers. This one must be on an ambien© or something. Minion as all hell

With Cockers I feel a sort of primitive connection. Like seeing one hijacks the electric highways that link the newer part of my brains to my eyes and just wires it directly to the Amygdala or whatever you call it. Kind of like the movie Speed maybe. Except my brain is the Los Angeles Highway System and the cocker spaniel is the terrorist and Keanu Reeves fails to stop the terrorist.

Serena and Micaela : ). You can see that the American Cockers have a shorter snout and are a bit smaller. I actually prefer the English Cockers. Americans love the pudged up face-style dogs. I guess so do I to a certain extent.

Murdered-out Cocka. So fricked. So awesome.

Another food option. Maybe a smoothie station. Banana stand? I didn't try it so nothing more to say.

Empanadas. They looked good but again I didn't come to this thing to eat!! I came to pet some damn dogs.

🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Rasta mothafricka. PEace and love N all dat bullcrap. 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

This is one of the teenage boy haircuts du jour I believe. I think it's baseball/football player style. When I was a kid the bieber haircut was the haircut du jour. I don't mind it.

Buddhist dog. Serena's not next to me to tell me what the name of the breed is. Dalai Llama, peace, love n more of dat crap. Asian rasta?

My girlfriend Serena loves dogs. I love dogs. We humans would be a lot worse off without them. Taking care of a dog teaches you a selfless satisfaction that's hard-to-find in modern life where everyones a damn atheist and any shred of community has been eliminated and replaced by cynicism and selfishness. I'm not above it!! Just pointing it out. Cockers are awesome. Dogs are awesome.

Interior of the Javits Center

Sketchy looking place on the West Side right next to the Javits Center.

Midtown vibes. Midtown's up next

Me and Ed riding the train to watch the NFL Playoffs (Ravens v Chiefs, Lions v 49ers) on the day after the dog show

Quick aside. Ed and I are Jets fans. The Jets were... disappointing this year. Both of the aforementioned playoffs games were not. The teams I was rooting for both lost though, Ravens and Lions. Football is tragic sometimes. Life in miniature. yada-yada.

On the M train I believe goin over the East River. Peaceful weather. Reminds me of Stephen King's The Fog except minus everything but the fog.

Get off your damn phone and look around the damn train is my advice to you idiots!

And now I end this blog post as I set out another adventure on Saturday Feb 3, 2024 at 1:17 pm with my girlfriend Serena. We are going to Red Hook I believe. Go be random and take pics and make a blog post. What the f*ck else is there to do at times like this.